This helpful service for occupied homes, consists of a detailed walk through of the property (outside, if needed) with the homeowner and provide suggestions in regard to light, flow, clutter and focal points, color, furniture placement, accent pieces and art.

Occupied Home

After a Consultation we use existing pieces to showcase the property (you would be surprised at what you have in your home that we can use) and rearrange to emphasize your home’s best features and focal points to appeal to buyers. Most homes just need definition of rooms and a little sprucing up. Accessory packages are also available for a nomimal cost.

Home Staging (Vacant Home/New Construction)

We stage your vacant home with furniture, accessories and art to make your home more visually attractive. Almost 90% of home buyers cannot visualize how their furniture will fit in an empty room. By staging a visually pleasing space home buyers can conceptualize how their furniture and accessories will work in a room. There is a minimum of 3 months rental for all furnishings and decor. 

Interior Decorating

After a thorough interview to obtain an idea of the homeowners style we collaborate to customize rooms, homes and buildings using furnishings, textures, lighting and color to create the design that fits their lifestyle.


We are now offering Virtual Consultations and Vacant Home Staging out of our area.


Please call for more information.


Ask us how you can Stage your home with no money up front.